Embedded Systems


Friday & Saturday
8:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
Start Date :8-8-2014
146 Hours

Sun & Tues & Thursday
9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Start Date :10-8-2014
146 Hours

Friday & Saturday
3:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.
Start Date :23-8-2014
146 Hours


Android Diploma

iPhone Diploma

Standard Mobile Development



Hardware Design



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Success Stories

What satisfied customers say about AMIT

  • “It was really the best step I did since 2006. The place here is so professional,Instructors overall rating is excellent and Feedback system is great. I am an embedded system Engineer now! Thanks AMIT....”

    Shereef Hisham- Fresh graduate- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “It's a nice diploma, i really find it useful, AMIT's instructor is very good, the center place was easy to reach. Thank you....”

    Mahmoud AbdelSattar- Android Diploma

  • “انا حضرت دبلومة الأنظمة المدمجة فى اميت واستفدت كتير من خبرة المحاضرين واهتمامهم بالمواد العلمية اللى بيقدموها وكل المحاضرين يشرحوا المعل... .”

    sara ahmed- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “The course is helpfull for me, the instructor has an excellent experience and now i have a good experience to start to make android apps....”

    Mostafa Ahmed- Mobile Developer- Android Diploma

  • “The diploma helped me in practical field also increased my programming skills that would help me in my Master’s degree and my practical field as a teaching assistant....”

    john nagy nashed - teaching assistant- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “حضرت الدبلومة وعجبنى المتابعة المستمرة والتقييم واحترمت كثيرا اعادة بعض المحاضرات لبعض الكورسات التى اشتكى منها الطلاب وعجبنى المستوى الذى يهت....”

    Heba Wahba Mohamed- Senior Software Developer- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “ I would recommend course to my friend, because i got a huge knowledge and instructors encourage us to study, read, ask and learn very well.....”

    Alaa Mahmoud Soliman- Fresh graduate from Biomedi- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “استفدت جدا من أميت ودة بسبب المحاضرعلى مستوى عالى من الخبرة وأميت توفر لنا الاجهزة التى تساعد على اكتساب المعلومة شكرا أميت....”

    Shady AbdelMOhsen- GIS diploma

  • “The center and courses are excellent and the personnel i work with are great. No request is out of the question, Great instructors and high quality is being delivered. I enjoy my time at AMIT.....”

    Medhat Makram Hakim- Service Engineer in Xerox- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “ أعجبني الانضباط فى المواعيد والاصرار على معرفة نسبة الحضور والغياب وكفاءة المحاضرين ممتازة....”

    Mohamed AbdelHamid Khiedr- GIS diploma

  • “أود ان اشكركم على اهتمامكم بمدى فهمنا لمحتوى الكورس وعندما أردنا زيادة حصه لم تتردوا فى عمل ذلك اشكركم على هذه الدبلومة لانها وسعت مداركى فى هذا المجال ....”

    mark saad sabry- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “Everything is managed well and have good level of prfessionalism....”

    Bassem Labib- senior java developer- Android Diploma

  • “I really want to thank AMIT's administrators & instructors for this diploma, the diploma was very organized...”

    ahmed mohsen Mohamed- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “I attended JAVA Course 3 years ago at another center and it was weak and it did not provide any benefitial inputs to me. At AMIT The Course was great and fruitful, each Session my Knowledge grows more and more and I am extremly satisfied with this Course.....”

    Hossam Samir – Vodafone- J2SE course

  • “احسن حاجة المحاضرين عجبنى طريقة الشرح وتوصيل المعلومة بشكل بسيط....”

    Mohamed Abdelatif - IT in DMC -Dar el ma3mar company- Java course

  • “I was involved in the Embedded Systems Diploma in AMIT, I get lots of education there, I found the center helpful and quickly accept the trainee's feedback more over, the center give me opportunity to meet excellent instructors who are working in multinational co...”

    Amr Elsayed- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “من أكثر الاشياء التى اعجبتنى: 1- الاحترافية بحيث كل شخص يعلم ما يقوم به ودوره جيدا. 2- المحاضر جيد جدا لانه يعطى خبرات الحياه فى الكورس...”

    Ahmed Bakry- Java course

  • “I would recommend this course to others as the trainers are working in the field and have practical experience....”

    Fady Wageeh - technecal support at raya- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “I would like to thank AMIT for all they give me, I Really found what I was looking for here.....”

    Ahmed Mohamed Adly – Merchandiser- J2SE course

  • “The Instructos well qualified and course materials are useful. AMIT cares about the name and the reputation of the organization....”

    MOhammed Mahmoud- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “Excellent Course and I will suggest it to others....”

    Mohamed Saeed El Din - Web Developer- J2SE course

  • “I'm Fully Satisfied in this Course and Fully Satisfied about the Instructor and wish i can take more Courses in AMIT Learning Center.
    Well Performed Instructor.....”

    Mina Samir - Technical Support and System Admin- J2SE course

  • “Great instructor, He made a good environment in the class....”

    Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Monem - J2SE course

  • “احسن حاجة فى الدبلومة انها عرفتنى حاجات فى برنامج نظم المعلومات الجغرافية درستها تفصيلية في الجامعة بس فهمتها هنا بالرغم ان دراستها مكنتش تفصيلي.”

    عاطف محمد عامر حسين -GIS diploma

  • “أود ان اشكركم على اهتمامكم بمدى فهمنا لمحتوى الكورس وعندما أردنا زيادة حصه لم تتردوا فى عمل ذلك اشكركم على هذه الدبلومة لانها وسعت مداركى فى هذا المجال .”

    mark saad sabry- Embedded Systems diploma

  • “Everything is managed well and have good level of prfessionalism....”

    Bassem Labib - senior java developer-Android Diploma

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