Embedded LINUX Workshop

Embedded LINUX Workshop

Embedded LINUX Workshop



  • Embedded system basics
  • Linux administration 1

Module1 Outlines


Minimal elements of toolchain - Types of toolchain - Types of C libraries for toolchain - Criteria for selecting toolchain

Toolchain examples - Installing a toolchain - Adding libraries to toolchain

Lab 1

Create a Bare metal application [intact with UART

 Boot loader

What is boot loader - Pre-boot loader - Loading the kernel - Boot loader-kernel ABI – ATAGS and FDT

Examples of boot loaders - U-Boot command line - U-Boot environment - Automating boot – bootcmd

Module2 Outlines

Lab 2

Build and running Uboot on RP2


Kernel vs User space - Kernel version numbers - Bug fix releases - Board support packages -Levels of board support

Board support - Kernel modules - Kernel configuration - Building the kernel - Kernel command line

  LAB 3

Building and running Linux on RP2

Module3 Outlines


What is user space - The root file system (rootfs) - Other options for a rootfs - Busybox and examples

init: Busybox init and System V init - System V inittab - Device nodes: /dev - The rootfs during development

The rootfs in production

Dealing with gpio - Portable computer- Ssh - VNC - telnet  -Tftp - SCP - Raspberry Pi Digital Picture Frame


Ultrasonic Distance Measurement

Smart car



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