Master iphone for programmers

Master iphone for programmers

Master iphone for programmers


Master iPhone Diploma helps you to develop professional iPhone apps and start your own business in mobile development field and earn money from downloading this apps.
تمكنك دبلومة تطبيقات الآيفون للميرمجين الدارسين لعمل تطبيقات آيفون بإحترافية، لبدأ عملهم الخاص فى مجال تطبيقات الموبيل ؛ ونشرها علي متجر تطبيقات الأيفون والربح من تحميلها .

Diploma Prerequisites:

Students need to know the following Topics:

  • Basic knowledge in any OOP language: Java,C# or etc.
  • Good understanding of OOP concepts.
  • Awareness of basic programming concepts:
    • Data type
    • Conditional operators
    • Loops
    • Access modifiers
  • Knowledge in C, C++ and/or Objective C is a plus.
Module1 Outlines

Review programming and OOP concepts using swift

In the part you will have a quick review on OOP concepts using Objective C and learn some new stuff the Objective C had introduced.

Module2 Outlines

Introduction to IOS development
  • Xcode Overview
  • Basic UI Elements
  • Navigation in iOS
  • Table View
  • Design patterns

Module3 Outlines

Introduction to IOS advanced topics
  • Data Storage
  • Location services
  • Accessing hardware
  • Dealing with web Services
  • And some more stuff like:
    • Handling screen touches
    • Animation blocks
    • Sharing
    • Localization
    • Universal apps
    • Audio player
    • Video player
    • Accessing Photo gallery
    • Hint about Storyboard
    • Local notifications

Module4 Outlines


In this part you will apply all you studied, through creating your own application. Implementing a real IOS app.


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