How to become an Android Developer


How to become an Android Developer

Most of very serious experts would say “You have to know Java language perfectly or you cannot even dream about Android development!” That is not so true… In most cases Android developers have been coding really well only in PHP.

Of course Java is one of the language that you should be aware of… you can buy “Thinking in Java” – yet you won’t need even to read up to chapter four to get the knowledge you need… But surely you have to know the basics of Java. That is all you need!

You should know Java perfectly … That is FALSE!

Another thing that expert would say “You need to know your IDE perfectly or you will be lost in it before learning a new language!” The truth is that you just need to start using an IDE to learn it… And books written by experts about IDE are in most cases waste of time and money…

You need to have an Android based phone… That is (again) FALSE!

It is good to have and Android phone… I will say even more… it would be best to have a few phones with different Android versions and different add-ons (Android tablet may be useful too) to test if your app is working with all of them! But it still won’t help you to get rid of all problems that an app may cause on another device. It is helpful to test your app with real touch screen but for most cases an Android phone emulator (that is included in Android SDK) is really enough.

So what do you really need…?
There are a few things you need to start a real Android development. Here are some points that in most developers’ opinion are really required:


Other things that are not necessary but are very helpful (in my case):

So if you really want to be an Android developer – don’t be scared by the “experts” – just try to learn it and you will be surprised how easy it may be


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