Control Your Robot- Diploma

Control Your Robot- Diploma

Control Your Robot- Diploma



This track is dedicated for the entry level students, who don't have any technical background or programming background, but are willing to study embedded systems. That's why even non-engineers can be interested in this track.

After this track, students will be capable to :

  • Design and implement most embedded systems circuit.
  • Programming ES with C language.
  • Interacting with many types of motors and sensors.
  • Make many experiments and inventions with ES.
  • Apply ES in your graduation Project.
  • Build and program your own basic robot.
  • Ready to take ES to the next level (Advanced).

Diploma Audience:

  • Undergraduate students.
  • Post graduate students with no/weak embedded systems background.
  • Non engineers students.
  • Hobbyists and inventors.
  • Junior high and high school students.
What is the programming ?
Part 1 Outlines
What is the programming ?

Learn the programming concepts.

Do your first program.

This will be using scratch platform.

Strengthen your Logic thinking & problem solving
Part 2 Outlines
Strengthen your Logic thinking & problem solving

In this part we will improve the most important skills to control a robot:

Logic thinking.

Problem solving.

Using programs like robomind.

Part 3 Outlines

What is the microcontroller?

This device will be your robot brain. So, we need to know more about microcontrollers and how to program.

C- programming language
Part 4 Outlines
C- programming language

This course provides you with a basic fundamentals of the C programming language syntax. and how to write microcontroller programs using C.

Environment to practice and test
Part 5 Outlines
Environment to practice and test

In these workshops you will learn how to design, Implement and test different microcontroller projects. Students will learn how to configure microcontroller peripherals and learn how it interface different sensors and actuators using Arduino board as a controller.

Chose your robot
Part 6 Outlines
Chose your robot

In this part you will have a robots to control Chose your robot and control it.


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