Embedded System Diploma

Embedded System Diploma

Embedded System Diploma



The Standard Embedded Systems Diploma offers the main and most common “Must know” knowledge and practical experience in the Embedded Systems field. It allows the students to fully understand the main concepts and mandatory rules to be an Embedded Systems Engineer. We prepare students to be aware of this specialization main items and how to make an Embedded System design, in addition to the ability of developing their own Embedded System projects; starting from the basics to professional level. You don't have to take an Embedded System Tutorial, since all you need is finally presented to you in one Embedded Systems Diploma in Egypt by professional, Knowledgeable and experienced instructors from their Full Time jobs experience in the Multinational Companies.

الدبلومة تبدأ من الأساسيات حتي تصل بك إلي التخصص وإحتراف الموضوعات التفصيلية في مجال الأنظمة المدمجة، عن طريق التدريب العملي المستمر علي لوحات التحكم وعمل برامج لتطبيق المعرفة النظرية بشكل عملي طوال فترة التدريب لن تحتاج لقراءة العديد من المقالات والدروس، فقط مع أميت نقدم لك كل هذه الموضوعات في دبلومة إحترافية تؤهلك للتخصص والعمل في الشركات العالمية، مع  مدربين محترفين لهم خبرة عملية في سوق العمل

Diploma Offer:

FREE AVR kit for each student in this diploma

لوحة تحكم AVR kit مجاناً لكل طالب في الدبلومة

Diploma Audience:

Interested, passionate and determined engineers willing to start their career path in the Embedded Systems field to be qualified candidates for embedded systems companies in Egypt and all over the world.

هذه الدبلومة لكل المهندسين المهتمين بيبدأ مشوار مهنى بمجال الأنظمة المدمجة للتأهيل لأكبر الشركات العالمية والمحلية بمجال الأنظمة المدمجة في مصر والعالم.


  • Basic Programming Concept.
  • Basic Electronics.
Module1 Outlines

Introduction to Embedded Systems

This course is considered as the portal to the Embedded Systems world.

Module2 Outlines

C Programming Language

This course provides students with a comprehensive study of the C programming language to provide programmers with the meanings of writing efficient, maintainable, and portable code for Embedded Systems. The lectures are supplemented with non-trivial lab exercises.

Module3 Outlines

Data Structure

This course will provide more about stacks , linked list and queue.

Module4 Outlines

Software Engineering

This course intended to provide an overall view over Software Engineering as an engineering discipline and with insight into the processes of software development.

Module5 Outlines

Micro controller and micro processor Architecture

This course will provide the main principles of computer architecture through studying AVR and ARM architectures .

Module6 Outlines

Embedded C

This course contains essential information for embedded system developers of real-time control systems, mobile device, PDAs and similar applications. It pays great attention to the difference between regular C and C for embedded programming, through covering all of the important features of the C language, standard embedded coding and guidelines, in order to produce effective, high-quality, C for embedded programs.

Module7 Outlines

Embedded Systems Tools

This course Contains a close look to The most important tools that you will use as an Embedded Software Engineer

Module8 Outlines


This course covers Real-Time Operating Systems usage, design and implementation to offer the essential theoretical and practical techniques to deal with real-time embedded systems; these techniques deal with how to get things done in time (scheduling) and how to validate whether things will be done in time (schedulability analysis) or not.

Module9 Outlines

Testing and Validation Embedded C

This course provides a good view on the methods and strategies used in embedded systems testing and focuses on the essential theoretical and practical techniques to design and implement test cases and test scenarios.

Module10 Outlines
Interfacing and device drivers

This course is intended to assist students in the development of knowledge and skills in the design of micro-controller based systems for real-world industrial applications.

Module11 Outlines
Automotive bus technology

This course will provide you with the basic knowledge about important protocols in the automotive field like: CAN protocol and LIN protocol.


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