How to become an iPhone Developer in few steps?


How to become an iPhone Developer in few steps?

1- Buy a Mac or get a Virtual Machine

2- Down the SDK (software development kit):
"Apple provides the free SDK for iPhone development from their Developer site,

This includes everything you need to get going, including the development environment Xcode, the iPhone Simulator for testing, performance analyzer, interface builders and the full documentation reference library."

3- Learn Objective C:
This is the primary programming language for iPhone development. It's an extension of C to include object-orientated principles.

Objective C was actually created by Next Computing owned by a certain Steven Jobs. When Jobs returned to Apple, he sold Next to the company and so Objective C became the main development environment for the Apple Mac. It is liked because in similar ways to Java, it deals with many of the problematic parts of programming…. It's nice, simple, and hides the complexities of the hardware away from the developer.

4- Start writing something!
Forget theory; forget mastering Objective C with your first attempt. Just set yourself a project and start working.

If you can't face starting out on an original project, we suggest a couple of modification tasks. The SDK actually comes with a whole host of sample projects that cover most aspects of development. So the best place to start would be to take one of those and reverse engineer it and work out how it has been constructed. You can then build on these by adding new features and create your very own game very quickly.

5- Sign-up as an official developer:
If you plan on releasing your masterpiece at any point, you'll need to sign up with the iPhone Developer Program.

The Standard cost is $99, and it involves agreeing to Apple's terms and conditions, and signing and returning the contract. Even if you're nowhere near completing the project, you'll need to sign up in order to test your code on an actual iPhone rather than an onscreen emulator. Once you're on the Developer Program you're sent a certificate, which allows you to pair up with an iPhone device.

6- Prepare for a few weeks of work…
Depending on the time available, and your level of programming knowledge, developing an iPhone game can mean as little as a couple of months' work.

7. Submit your app to Apple.

8. Adapt, market and survive!
The work doesn't finish once you've made it onto App Store. As it's unlikely you'll have your own in-house QA “Quality Assurance” department, some bugs and design issues may only surface when hundreds of users get their hands on the code. Consequently, it may be necessary to submit several alterations.

You can be an iPhone developer, and you will be, as long as you have the well to follow these steps.


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